We know all your wishes and want to serve you the best in our Hotel! That’s why you can explore the world – underwater life and the sky easily joining any of the activities and getting unforgettable moments.

Car rental

Price: R1,200 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Our car rental service helps you to get all the advantages of traveling conveniently around countryside and nearby cities as well.

Food hamper

Price: R1,500 / Once / Per Accommodation

Arriving late to our Apartments? When the shops are closed? You should not rush out and do the shopping, we will do everything for you.

Meal catering

Price: R600 / Once / Per Guest

Meals a great part of your vacation. And we can simply make it perfect. All Apartments are marvelously equipped with kitchens for your own cooking experience.

Baby sitter

Price: R800 / Per Day / Per Guest

Take your children with you? Let them have the best vacation and let yourself! Have free time while baby sitters take care of your children.

Cleaning Services

Price: R750 / Once / Per Accommodation

The owners who advertise on the iVacation Holiday Rentals platform agree to the new way of the cleaning process. a) Preparation is King
. We ask all team members to plan cleaning activities as part of the preparation of the property. This allows the cleaning team to clean more efficiently and with more safety b): Cleasiness […]