Cleaning Services

The owners who advertise on the iVacation Holiday Rentals platform agree to the new way of the cleaning process.

  • a) Preparation is King
. We ask all team members to plan cleaning activities as part of the preparation of the property. This allows the cleaning team to clean more efficiently and with more safety
  • b): Cleasiness is Queen
. The team knows that it is important to start the cleaning process by removing dust and dirt from all surfaces.

  • c): To Sanitize is a new Norm
. All owners are educated to the standards of chemical disinfectants to help reduce the number of bacteria on high-touch surfaces. The Cleaning teams working closely together with the owners to stay up to the sanitizing standards.


  • d): Accountability Rules:  As a Guest, you have the right to request the cleaning proto call from the owners with their checklists of cleaning procedures.


  • e): Do not Reset without Sanitizing
. We all acquire 
to help prevent cross-contamination. It’s important to wash your hands, sanitize, and wear your mask as required by the government.


R750 / Once / Per Accommodation